BizMet Academy is an education program arranged as part of the EIT Raw Materials funded BizMet project.


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21 września 2018

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The task of the students will be to prepare a case study on the topic related to the best practises in raw material management by chosen or hypotetical mining or recycling companies - role of technical, economical, environmental and social aspects - there are following topics with the related articles and materials. 


1. Identification of risk management, including mitigation measures of mining project


2.  Development of 3 layers bussiness model canvas for mining project


3.  Impact of circular economy and Green Deal on mining acctivities in  different part of the World (Asia, Europa, Africa, America, Australia)


4. Realisation of Sustainable Development Goals by mining companies - barriers and profit


5. Innovation in mining and recycling - IT and other tools application


6. Expected skill for leadership and team management


7. Megatrends, globalisation and its impact on mining project managements


8. Coroprate social resopisbility for large and small mining and recycling companies


9. Post mining management and Social license to operate in different part of the World (Asia, Europa, Africa, America, Australia)


10. Future trends and scenario for development of mining and recycing industry - the role of raw materials


11. Challanges  of personal management for mining and recycling 


12. Barriers and conditions that affect the attractiveness of mining investment in different part of the World


Each group of 5 members will be provided with the mentor's help for the scope and additional materials. Then, each group will be required to prepare a 10-minute presentation on a selected topic.


Case study